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November 18, 2020

Conference2020 Forum for ICOM International Committees

As part of the ICEE ICOM 2020 Annual Virtual Conference, the ICOM 2020 Forum of International Committees addresses ICOM’s international committees. The Forum will be held in Spanish with simultaneous translation into English. Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about other ICOM International Committees!

What is the Forum for ICOM International Committees?
The 2020 Forum for ICOM International Committees provides a unique visibility platform to reach ICEE Virtual Annual
Conference attendees and other ICOM members in Latin America and the Caribbean. During this session, ICOM
International Committees are invited to introduce their committees and most relevant activities for 2021 in order to
make new contacts, create networking opportunities, foster membership building, and create opportunities for
partnerships and collaborations across committees.

How does it work?
• The Forum for ICOM International Committees will be held on Friday, November 20, 2020 during the fourth day of
the 2020 ICOM ICEE Virtual Annual Conference. The session will last 60 minutes and includes a 5-minute
networking break.
• The Session will be conducted in Spanish and recorded for later access.
• The Forum session includes up to 10 presentations.
• Final presentations files will be available in Spanish and English.
• The session includes a virtual desk for committees to share digital promotional materials.

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