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April 20, 2023

NetworkCall for Projects: Solidarity in times of crisis

ICOM is offering a Solidarity Project Grants round to support the work of its members who are facing conflicts, natural disasters or other crises, and are helping or supporting victims and sufferers.

This explicitly includes, but is not limited to, the aggression war in Ukraine, the devastations of the earthquake in Turkey and Syria, conflict situations where the cultural heritage is at risk or consequences of climate change on museums among many other difficult situations. The proposed projects should specifically tackle an emergency situation either locally (war, cultural disruption, trafficking) or globally (climate crisis, biodiversity crisis).

This grants round is a pilot effort to broaden the reach of ICOM’s successful Solidarity grants, established during the Covid-19 pandemic. ICOM will be assessing its outcomes as a model for future responses to crises in all regions of the world.

To raise awareness about any emergency situations that could require ICOM’s immediate attention and support – outside the scope of this call – please contact the Heritage Protection Department.

Proposals are invited from ICOM’s National Committees (NCs), International Committees (ICs), Regional Alliances (RAs) and Affiliated Organisations (AOs).

ICOM can provide up to 75% funding of the total budget for the project and up to 20.000 euros.

Projects must have another confirmed source of funding to be eligible to apply for this call.

Project proposals that include participation of category 3 or 4 countries will be prioritized (see list here).

Projects should be finalised by 30 June 2024.

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