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September 1, 2021

NetworkExecutive Board 2022-2025 : the call for candidacies is open!

Would you like to strengthen your commitment to ICOM and shape the future of our organisation? The call for candidacies for the 2022-2025 ICOM Executive Board is open! 

During the 26th ICOM General Conference which will take place in August 2022, ICOM will have a crucial moment for its democratic and institutional life: the election of the 2022-2025 ICOM Executive Board.

The Executive Board, as the elected executive decision-making body of ICOM, acts in accordance with the duties conferred upon it by the ICOM Statutes and Internal Rules. It shall in particular be responsible for implementing the strategies approved by the General Assembly and taking the necessary actions to implement its decisions. The Executive Board also oversees ICOM’s various resources and their development, while providing direction to the Secretariat and promoting ICOM’s values of independence, professionalism and integrity.

The call for candidacies is open from 1st September 2021 until 1st December 2021.

 (Click here to submit your candidacy)

Before submitting your candidacy, we invite you to read the election procedure rules carefully and to take note of all the documents relating to the elections which can be accessed here and are regularly updated. Only candidacies that follow and respect the established procedure and rules will be considered.

Please note also that the call for candidacies for the Nominations and Election Committee is open until 17 September. You’ll find more information here.