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November 2, 2023

NetworkICOM Announces 2024 SAREC Special Projects Grants and Solidarity Projects: Calls for Proposals Now Open

In an effort to promote excellence and solidarity, the ICOM Strategic Allocation Review Committee (SAREC), announces the opening of the “2024 ICOM Special Projects Grants” and the “Solidarity in Times of Crisis 2024” Calls for Projects.

2024 ICOM Special Projects Grants

The “2024 ICOM Special Projects Grants” invite the members of our community to showcase their innovative and impactful projects. Proposals are expected from ICOM National Committees (NCs), International Committees (ICs), Regional Alliances (RAs), and Affiliated Organizations (AOs). ICOM is ready to fund up to 50% of the project total budget, with a maximum grant of 12,000 euros. To be eligible, projects must secure another confirmed funding source and should be finalized before December 31, 2024.

Projects in the domains of publications, training, research, and other creative pursuits are welcomed. This initiative aims to foster a dynamic and inclusive museum community dedicated to the advancement of knowledge.

Solidarity in Times of Crisis 2024

In recognition of the world’s ever-increasing challenges, ICOM introduces the “Solidarity in Times of Crisis 2024” Call for Projects. This initiative seeks to support ICOM members grappling with conflicts, natural disasters, and other crises, both locally and globally.

ICOM is committed to providing up to 75% of the total project cost, with a maximum ammount of 20,000 euros, to projects focused on immediate emergency situations. These projects must secure another confirmed funding source and should be finalized by December 31, 2024.

Museums and cultural organizations are encouraged to participate in projects aimed at assessing, protecting, and ensuring the safety of collections. Training activities to enhance skills in the museum profession are also welcomed. Additionally, publications and research projects focused on addressing crises and advancing knowledge in various fields are sought after. This initiative calls for innovative projects to strengthen the global museum community.

General Guidelines for Both Calls

ICOM has set general guidelines to ensure the successful application of participants. Proposals should emphasise the relevance of projects to ICOM’s strategic plan, clarity of objectives, cooperation with other bodies, innovation and a sustainable approach.

The application deadline for both calls is January 15, 2024, at 23:59 CET. Results of the applications will be communicated in March 2024. For any inquiries or assistance with the application process, please contact

ICOM invites all its National Committees (NCs), International Committees (ICs), Regional Alliances (RAs) and Affiliated Organisations (AOs) to participate in these calls for projects.

For detailed guidelines and further information, please visit your ICOM Member Space.