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May 7, 2021

NetworkHow joining ICOM benefits you and the museum community

Discover how joining ICOM can boost your career and support the international museum community.


What are the benefits of being an ICOM Member?
From training opportunities to grants, being an ICOM Member provides you with countless opportunities to further your career in the museum field. With its dynamic network of thousands of museum professionals worldwide, joining ICOM broadens your horizons and unlocks new opportunities for you professional and personal development. But that’s not all – by being an ICOM Member, you take a stance for museums and cultural heritage worldwide.

ICOM Members: champions for the international museum community
Membership fees represent more than 90% of ICOM’s budget. Thanks to its Members, ICOM is able to fund initiatives all over the world in favour of the international museum community: from responding to catastrophes threatening cultural heritage, to training museum professionals in developing nations.

Find out how to join ICOM

The ICOM membership is open to museum professionals, museums, students and individuals supporting the museum sector.

Get to Know ICOM: A new video series

We are proud to launch a new video series about ICOM to facilitate the engagement of our Members in the every day life of our organisation, from its structure and governance to its history. This is the first video of the series, and it focuses on the advantages of joining ICOM and how to make the most of your ICOM Membership. Subscribe to our Youtube channel to stay tuned!