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July 20, 2021

NetworkICOM Museum Definition process has reached the halfway point

Steps 5 & 6: analysis of the results of Consultation 2 and launch of Consultation 3

The results of Consultation 2 are out! Thank you for your involvement which has had a direct impact on the development of a new museum definition.

ICOM Define carried out Consultation 2 and the quantitative and qualitative analysis of Consultation 2 results was conducted by three data analysts recruited by ICOM for this purpose. The results of this analysis can be viewed on the  member space. We invite you to look at what ICOM’s members around the world have to say. This report on the results of Consultation 2 will be the base material for the following steps of the Methodology*, organized by ICOM Define.

ICOM Define is now launching Consultation 3, which will consist in the evaluation of keywords/concepts. We encourage all ICOM committees to participate in the current consultation, including those who couldn’t contribute to the previous consultations, in order to ensure a participatory process. In this step committees are asked to review the list of key words and concepts published in the Consultation 2 Report and submit their feedback.

All of ICOM NC, IC, RA and AO Chairs will receive a letter with information about this process, together with the link to the online form. If you are part of the Board of your Committee and your Chair hasn’t received the letter, please write to

Your voice matters. Let’s build the new museum definition together.

*The new methodology was presented by ICOM Define at the webinar “Defining the museum in times of change: a way forward”. If you missed it, please find here the link to the replay.