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October 5, 2023

NetworkICOM Announces New Members of its Standing Committees and Working Groups

ICOM is pleased to announce the new composition of 10 of its Standing Committees and Working Groups following a call for candidacy launched in March 2023. The successful candidates were appointed by the Executive Board at its 166th Session (5-6-7 June 2023).

ICOM, with its extensive network of museum professionals, museums, and cultural institutions spanning over 138 countries and territories, plays a pivotal role in the preservation and promotion of world heritage. The organisation reaffirms its dedication to strengthening the global cultural landscape. The organisation’s work not only contributes to preserving and celebrating the world’s cultural heritage but also acknowledges the importance of addressing historical injustices and working towards a more inclusive and equitable future for museums and their communities.

Standing Committees and Working Groups: A Crucial Component of ICOM

ICOM Standing Committees and Working Groups are essential components of the Organisation. Appointed by the ICOM President after consultation with the Executive Board, they aim to reflect on specific issues that affect the museum community or the Organisation. They are reporting, as well as operating, under the authority of the Executive Board (Article 5.2 of the Internal Rules). Together, the Standing Committees and Working Groups help ICOM to remain responsive to the evolving needs and challenges faced by museums worldwide.

Diverse and Global Representation

ICOM Standing Committees and Working Groups feature a diverse range of professionals and experts from around the world. This diversity reflects the Organisation’s commitment to inclusivity and the recognition that a multiplicity of perspectives is essential to address the challenges and opportunities museums are facing today.

The members of these entities bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in fields such as museum management, conservation, curatorial practices, and cultural diplomacy. Their contributions will undoubtedly contribute to ICOM’s mission of promoting the role of museums as instruments of cultural exchange, education, and understanding.

Please click the links down below to find out about the newly appointed Chairs and members of the ICOM Standing Committees and Working Groups!

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