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August 15, 2019

ICOM through the Lens: Membership database workshop for ICOM Committees managers

During ICOM Kyoto 2019, a technical workshop will be dedicated to the topic ‘ICOM through the Lens: Membership database workshop for ICOM Committees managers: how to start using IRIS’.

Read this Q&A with the moderators of the session, Sonia Agudo, IT Systems Manager, and Benjamin Granjon, Head of Membership Department.

What is the aim of this activity?

The purpose of the Database workshop is to explain step by step the functionalities of the IRIS database, by putting at the centre of the presentation the manager of a National Committee or an International Committee in order to show examples of different business processes.

What are the objectives of the IRIS database project for the ICOM network?

The new ICOM membership management tool, called IRIS, is a long-term project, launched in April 2016 and available for all key users since September 2017. It is a Salesforce CRM (Customer Relationship Management) adapted to our needs and expectations. By providing structure for our entire organisation, it aims to:

  • Improve the quality and transmission of member information by reducing manual entries;
  • Simplify membership and dues management by automating operations;
  • Ensure smoother communication in the network, by sharing a single system.

For these reasons, all the ICOM members can access their own personal information. The IRIS database is also connected to the new ICOM website, through the member personal portal. The login process is very simple: to log in for the first time, you must change your password and confirm your personal information in IRIS; then, every time you wish to access your personal portal, log in with your new password.

Why attend this session?

The IRIS database is the first step to a standardisation of ICOM’s membership processes which will help improve data quality and services to ICOM network. In this workshop you will acquire the knowledge needed for the use of IRIS database!


Between the 1st and the 7th of September 2019, Kyoto (Japan) will host the biggest and most important conference of museums in the world. More than 3.000 museum professionals and experts from all international backgrounds will participate in this triannual event, the 25th General Conference of ICOM.  After 24 successful editions, ICOM’s flagship conference has become a worldwide reputed hub for exchange about the topical issues museums tackle today, as well as the most innovative solutions.

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