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October 11, 2019

ConferenceIntangible heritage, a challenge for management and collection policy

The conference is organised by ICOM SEE in partnership with ICOM Croatia, COMCOL, ICOM Slovenia and INTERCOM. Local partners are Ethnographic Museum and Mimara Museum in Croatia and Municipality of Trbovlje in Slovenia. It will be held in Zagreb, 17-20 October 2019.

The conference is organised in a way that expert panellists will present challenges that museum professionals face dealing with intangible cultural heritage phenomena. Management of sustainable resources and models how to approach local community in the joint attempt to preserve knowledge and skills and transferring it to younger generations. How to collect and care about intangible heritage?

Lectures, workshops, film projections, formal and informal discussions will enable our participants to exchange their experiences and they will have the chance to discuss issues of common interest with the bearers of traditional knowledge including recent history phenomena.

Topics will be discussed in the several panels: How to initiate international day of intangible heritage, Challenges in collecting and documenting intangible heritage, Intangible Heritage and Communities, Museum Management and Challenges of Decolonisation and Restitution, Sustainable Solutions for ICH and How to ensure transfer of knowledge and skills to younger generations

Full program details, list of invited speakers and other practical information are available at

This project is supported by the ICOM Strategic Allocation Review Committee (SAREC)