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April 3, 2018

NetworkThe ICOM Publishing Manual: a new reference tool for members

We are delighted to announce the release of a new reference tool for ICOM members: the ICOM Publishing Manual.

Committees and Regional Alliances, if you are considering launching a new publication and need assistance with this complex process, look no further than this complete guide to producing a successful publication. The ICOM Publishing Manual provides a set of chapters with practical content on each step in the publishing process, addressing both print and digital publications, and all formats from e-newsletters to book series. Throughout the manual you will find details on editorial standards, tips on graphic design, contractual and copyright considerations, advice on indexing and referencing, and much more.

The manual also explains how you can make the most of the ICOM network when promoting and distributing your publication, and ensure consistency with ICOM‘s identity and standards.

We hope these guidelines will facilitate the publishing process for you and foster the ICOM network’s editorial activities, which contribute to the development of expertise in the museum field. The manual will be updated regularly, so don’t hesitate to share any comments or questions you might have with the publications team at:

Download the ICOM Publishing Manual in English here.

French and Spanish editions will follow soon.