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July 26, 2021

FocusThe latest edition of Museum International on the theme “Museum Collection Storage” is now online

We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest edition of Museum International on the theme, Museum Collection Storage.

Guest edited by Yaël Kreplak and François Mairesse, this edition of Museum International opens up the discussion on the state of museum collection storage worldwide.

While often a neglected aspect of museum work, museum storage is essential to the management and proper conservation of collections. In a context of ever-increasing collections and greater circulation of the objects within them, storage is becoming central to museum policy.

The articles and case studies in this issue show how the world of museum storage is changing, with dedicated buildings being constructed; skills in preventive conservation being developed; greater emphasis on sustainable practices; and awareness raising by opening storage spaces up to the public. The authors in this issue present storage models and initiatives across a broad spectrum of countries and institutions, highlighting the various economic and environmental challenges they face.

We wish you an enjoyable read, and hope that this edition of Museum International will expand on the current debate around museum storage practices.

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