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July 11, 2019

NetworkMuseum International: The issue ‘The Museum Definition: The Backbone of Museums’ is now available

We are delighted to announce that the new Museum International issue The Museum Definition: The Backbone of Museums is now available!

The Museum Definition: the backbone of museums explores the societal, political, epistemological and professional issues surrounding the ICOM definition of museums. The contributions, from authors both inside and outside the museum profession, contextualise the discussion of the future of museums and their definition within today’s wider societal trends and global issues.

ICOM members can now enjoy unlimited access to the journal’s full online archive and current issues through their ICOM member space. To complement this, Taylor & Francis/Routledge are offering ICOM members free access to five of their museum- and heritage-related journals : Heritage  & Society, Museum History Journal, Museum Management and CuratorshipMuseums & Social Issues: A Journal of Reflective DiscourseJournal of Heritage Tourism.

We hope that you will find this issue useful in your professional life and research.

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