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October 9, 2023

NetworkMuseum International: Towards Decolonisation: Articles in their original language

In order to make Museum International articles accessible to as many people as possible, from now on, we will share the original versions of articles written in languages other than English.

Three articles in the last issue of Museum International (Towards Decolonisation) were written in Spanish and/or – exceptionally – in Portuguese.

For this issue, we are pleased to present an interview in Portuguese with Glicéria (Célia) Tupinambá, an Indigenous artist from Brazil interviewed by Bruno Brulon Soares.

            Read the interview (Portuguese)

We also invite you to discover the article ‘Towards the Integral (and Integrating) Museum: Over 50 Years of Practices and Reflections From the Global South’ written by Bruno Brulon Soares, Mario Chagas, Leonardo Mellado González and Karin Weil. Parts of this article are written in Portuguese and others in Spanish.

            Read the article (Spanish and Portuguese)

Lastly, we present to you the original version of the article by Leticia Pérez Castellanos. Her work, entitled ‘La Casa Del Museo: A Museum Outreach Project at the Outset of Decolonial Criticism’, was written in Spanish.

            Read the article (Spanish)

The English translations of these articles remain available on the Routledge website. You can access them on the following link:

            Routledge website

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