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May 17, 2023

Museums and ChillMuseums and Chill – How I know what I know: museum and neuroscience

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In this second episode of Museums and Chill, we explore the work of the brain in the museum world in relation to International Museum Day on 18 May on the theme of ‘Sustainability and Wellbeing’.

The second episode of the Museum and Chill podcast offers a compelling exploration of the intersection between museums and neuroscience. Hosted by Albert Moukheiber, , PhD in cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychologist, lecturer, author and speaker, the episode highlights the profound impact museums can have on our brains, emotions and overall well-being.

The discussion offers an insightful exploration of how museums can engage and stimulate our brains. It emphasises that museums are not simply repositories of artefacts, but rather multidimensional spaces that actively engage the senses and intelligence of visitors. Thus, museums have the unique ability to trigger cognitive processes that enhance learning, memory and creativity.

This discussion was an opportunity to provide an expert perspective on the theme of International Museum Day 2023, which claims that museums make an essential contribution to the well-being and sustainable development of our communities. Museums contribute in many ways to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, from supporting climate action, to fostering inclusion, to combating social isolation and improving mental health.

Stay tuned for more episodes of “Museum and Chill”, where ICOM continues to reveal the fascinating world of museums.

This episode’s host

Laetitia Conort, Digital Communications Coordinator at the International Council of Museums. Before joining ICOM, Laetitia worked in the field of contemporary creation. After a master’s degree in museology at the Ecole du Louvre and a master’s degree in cultural project management at the Institut d’Etudes EuropĂ©ennes (Paris 8), her background is in communication and coordination of projects related to culture and art.

This Episode’s Guests

Albert Moukheiber, PhD in neuroscience, clinical psychologist and French lecturer of Lebanese origin. He is also the author of the book Votre cerveau vous joue des tours. With other neuroscientists, he founded the Chiasma association, which organises conferences and workshops to explain the brain mechanisms that underlie our reasoning and our vision of the world.


All opinions expressed by the podcast’s guests are so current opinions and do not reflect the opinions of The International Council Of Museums. The podcast’s guests opinions are based upon information they consider reliable, but neither ICOM nor its affiliates warrant its complete accuracy, and it should not be relied upon as such.