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February 23, 2024

Museums and ChillMuseums and Chill – Towards a Sustainable Museum in West Africa

In the latest episode of Museums and Chill, we had the pleasure of interviewing Mr Ibrahim Tchan, Director of the Tata Somba eco-museum, the first ecological museum in West Africa.

At the heart of our discussion, Mr Tchan shared the museum’s sustainable development initiatives, emphasising the importance of collaboration with the local community. He also spoke about the museum’s educational programmes, in line with the International Museum Day 2024 theme of education and research. Check out the episode for an inspiring immersion in this extraordinary eco-museum!

This episode’s host

Laetitia Conort, Digital Communications Coordinator at the International Council of Museums. Before joining ICOM, Laetitia worked in the field of contemporary creation. After a master’s degree in museology at the Ecole du Louvre and a master’s degree in cultural project management at the Institut d’Etudes Européennes (Paris 8), her background is in communication and coordination of projects related to culture and art.

This episode’s guest

Ibrahim Tchan, Ecomusée Tata Somba, Benin

Ibrahim Tchan is a Beninese jurist specializing in cultural heritage. Director and Co Founder of the Tata Somba Ecomuseum, the first ecological museum in West Africa. After Koutammakou, Land of the Batammariba, was included on the 2020 World Monuments Watch, he began coordinating the Koutammakou Cultural Landscape Preservation Project, Benin and Togo with Corps of Benin Volunteers, with the financial support of the World Monuments Fund. Also Steering Committee Member of the Climate Heritage Network (CHN), he is CHN Africa Region Representative within the Climate Heritage Network-GlobalABC. He works on traditional techniques and construction materials of Tata Somba architecture for the application of this knowledge for climate change mitigation and adaptation.


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