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July 5, 2023

FocusMuseums, Decolonization, and Restitution : ICOM-IMREC Seminar Videos 

ICOM is thrilled to announce the release of  recordings from the ICOM-IMREC seminar, titled “Museums, Decolonization, and Restitution.”

These enlightening discussions, held in March 2023, brought together experts, scholars, and professionals from around the world to delve into the complex questions surrounding decolonization and restitution in the museum sector. 

The seminar, hosted by ICOM-IMREC in Shanghai, aimed to foster critical dialogue and encourage meaningful action towards rectifying historical injustices and rebalancing power dynamics within the museum community. By making these videos accessible to the public, we are committed to sharing knowledge and advancing the discourse on decolonization and restitution, both within the museum field and beyond. 

Sharing the videos of this seminar is a unique opportunity to engage with the multifaceted challenges faced by museums as they confront the legacies of colonialism and work towards more inclusive practices. They feature captivating presentations, insightful panel discussions, and case studies from renowned experts in the field, reimagining of museum narratives. 

“The new museum definition […] emphasizes that museums are open to the public, accessible and inclusive; museums foster diversity and sustainability. Museums operate and communicate ethically, professionally and with the participation of communities, offering varied experiences for education, enjoyment, reflection and knowledge sharing. For museums and museum professionals to fulfill these roles, we need to engage with the histories and colonial legacies of museums and work together to construct something new for the future of our communities and our museums.” Emma Nardi, ICOM President

 DAY 1

Opening Ceremony

Final Session

Keynote 1 by Bruno Brulon Soares

Keynote 2 by Wayne Modest 

Panel 1 – Reimagining the museum

Panel 2 – Decolonising museum practice


Keynote 3 by Samba Yonga

Panel 3 – Restitution, law and policy

Session 3 – Restitution, law and policy

Session 4 – Restitution and innovation

Session 5 – Restitution case studies