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July 12, 2021

NetworkThe .museum domain: all connected in one single dot

Created in 2001 by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), .museum is a legacy top level domain dedicated to museum activities.

The French Association for Cooperative Internet Naming (Afnic) was designated by ICOM in 2018 as the world registry operator for .museum to increase its use and adoption, thus supporting the digital transformation of museums. Since then, the number of sites using the .museum extension has doubled.

Afnic has been working in close conjunction with ICOM to set the criteria for allocating .museum domain names, as well as their distribution and pricing conditions in order to accelerate the access to digital technology of museum institutions and promote the adoption of the top level domain (TLD), the generic term of which is international in scope. With these new provisions, .museum also helps highlight the expertise and skills of both museum employees and private individuals. It is a perfect showcase for sharing their work, their passion or their patronage activities and visibly standing out.

Why choose a .museum GTLD ?

Have you decided to launch your museum activity on the web? Do you want to proudly display that you belong to the world of museums? Do you want to protect your brand?

Any reason is a good reason to make .museum an essential part of your web presence allows you to showcase your activities and join the world’s first web community for museum professionals.

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