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May 18, 2021

Time to explore International Museum Day topics!

Like every spring, International Museum Day is coming up. Time to explore together four topics around the main theme: “The Future Of Museums: Recover and Recreate”.

Digital transformation (focus: education)

Museum educators are among the most affected by the pandemic. Digital technologies offer countless opportunities to interact and engage with our publics, and collaborations between the worlds of culture and education can bring benefits to both, stimulating – among other things – critical thinking, active citizenship and well-being.

Social relevance and sustainability

The post-Covid era will ask museums to focus more on their local communities, developing projects in collaboration with them. Museums must embrace their fundamental role as open, inclusive, democratic spaces for sharing and dialogue.

Climate action

Museums are uniquely placed to support the achievement of the UN SDGs. As trusted sources of knowledge, cultural institutions and their collections can help us negotiate our way between the world we have, and the future we want, using the Sustainable Development Goals as a set of common challenges.

New business models

The cultural sector has been one of the most affected by the global pandemic, but it also brought forward change and innovation. This moment calls for new approaches to cultural experience, new ways of fruition, new partnerships, new skills.

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