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July 25, 2018

NetworkWelcome to ICOM’s new website!

We are proud to announce that our newly redesigned website is now live! After rethinking the display of the vast content our organisation has produced in its more than seven decades of life, we bring you a whole new set of functionalities, as well as brand new exclusive tools for ICOM Members. Take a look at some of the most exciting features.

An accessibility boost

Our website is a hub of high-quality information, with a collection of nearly 14,000 resources that supports research and ensures the conservation and transmission of valuable knowledge in the museum and heritage fields. For this reason, we placed accessibility at the heart of our new platform, centralising these materials in a Resources page, powered by a state-of-the-art technology search engine. This will make it much easier for every user to access highly specialised resources produced by ICOM and its collaborators. The website is also responsive across desktop, mobile devices and tablets, thanks to its adaptability to different resolutions.

Members, get involved!

One of our priorities when rethinking our website was to empower you, our members, by making it more participatory. With the new Member account, which replaces ICOMMUNITY, you will be able to access a personalised dashboard with improved functionalities plus brand new tools. You will be able to:

  • Add events to the agenda
  • Promote calls for papers
  • Prepare ICOM meetings
  • Add publications to our database
  • List and apply for job offers
  • Apply for grants
  • Submit articles to our News section
  • Join an International Committee

With this dashboard, all the services and opportunities that ICOM offers you as a member are just a couple of clicks away! This tool is also designed to establish an improved and faster communication flow with National and International Committees, making it easier to promote their actions on ICOM’s website.

A social platform

We made sure that ICOM’s social media channels are an integral part of the new design. You will be able to keep up with our Instagram posts through a slider at the end of every page, and a tweet bar with our latest tweets will stick around during your browsing. We have also given more visibility to our YouTube channel by making it available in the homepage.


We encourage you to explore our new website and discover all the features it has to offer. We hope you enjoy ICOM’s new accessible, participatory and social website!


Happy surfing!


During this inaugural period, do not hesitate to contact the Communications Department for any inquiries or to report bugs. If you have saved ICOMMUNITY in your favourites, we encourage you to save the new Member space instead.

Contact the Communications Department