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March 31, 2023

NetworkWGS webinar – ICOM 2030 Action Plan on Sustainability

ICOM’s Working Group on Sustainability (WGS) organised a webinar on 21 April 2023 at 13:30 CEST to present the framework Action Plan for a Committee-driven approach to sustainable development.

The session was an opportunity to discover and exchange about the 2030 Action Plan, a tool to accompany the implementation of a sustainability strategy within museums and ICOM’s committees.

This webinar was open to ICOM members and was moderated by : Henry McGhie, Curating Tomorrow, member of the ICOM Sustainability Working Group.


Duration: 90 minutes

    • ICOM’s commitment to sustainability and SDGs, and general aspiration
    • Responding to the Action Plan
    • Discussion in Breakout Rooms: SDG’s in Museums and thoughts on the action plan
    • Feedback: Perspectives and overall thoughts on the principles of the action plan
    • Ending note

What is the 2030 Action Plan on Sustainability?

Designed as a framework to be appropriated by ICOM national and international committees, the Action Plan provides the means for committees to take up the challenge of addressing the climate emergency and supporting sustainable development through knowledge sharing, networks,  commitment, and concrete action.

Each committee can adapt the template, to set out its ambitions, partnerships, actions, evaluation, communication and accountability as an actor in sustainable development. This online workshop is designed to accompany committees in this process.

Download the Action Plan