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January 16, 2020

NetworkA new International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas

The International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas is one of the newest International Committees, founded in September 2019 in Kyoto, Japan. The creation of the committee received the support of more than 30 countries in four continents.

The ICOM International Committee on Ethical Dilemmas (IC Ethics) is an open forum on practical challenges regarding ethical dilemmas in the museum profession. IC Ethics is a space where museum professionals can reflect, share and discuss ethical dilemmas, helping them to make more informed choices. It is one of ICOM’s 32 International Committees.

IC Ethics

  • offers a channel of communication between ICOM members facing similiar ethical dilemmas in their every day practice;
  • shares professional approaches to ethical dilemmas;
  • gathers, in cooperation with all other committees in ICOM, experiences on museum ethics to foster the dissemination of good practices;
  • provides input to ethical debates through different forms of knowledge dissemination; and
  • does not pass formal judgements about right or wrong.


What distinguishes IC Ethics from ETHCOM?

The ICOM Ethics Committee (ETHCOM) is a standing committee of experts on ethics appointed by the President of ICOM. The Committee is the official advisory body for the ICOM Secretariat and Executive Board.

IC Ethics and ETHCOM have compiled a common statement about the differences of our working fields, which you find here: