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July 30, 2021

FocusICOM contributed to the G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting “Addressing the Climate Crisis through Culture”

On 29-30 July, the International Council of Museums contributed to a key ministerial meeting on climate change and culture organised by the Italian Presidency of the G20, the premier forum for international economic cooperation.

During the G20 Culture Ministerial Meeting, Culture Ministers explored how to ensure a better representation of culture and cultural heritage in the climate change discourse and policy, using the opportunity offered by the Pre-COP26 in Milan (Italy) and COP26 in Glasgow (UK).

The session Addressing the Climate Crisis through Culture explored key topics including the role of intangible and tangible cultural heritage, creativity and indigenous people’s knowledge to drive climate action and contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In his speech, ICOM President Alberto Garlandini focused on the close connection between climate change and damage to natural and cultural heritage. In particular, he recalled that the knowledge of indigenous peoples, who are on the frontline of the climate crisis, can be crucial in mitigating and adapting to the climate crisis.

the devastating effects of the climate crisis continue to impact our natural and cultural heritage at a global level.The dramatic loss of biodiversity and the climate crisis show us how intertwined relations between man, the environment and the natural world are.

Alberto Garlandini, ICOM President

At the same time, he emphasised the key role museums can play in raising awareness and engaging local communities to advocate for immediate climate action.

Many studies confirm that museums are amongst the most trusted institutions across the globe. Museums are in a unique position to support sustainable environmental policies, to disseminate scientific information and encourage sustainable practices in their local communities.

Alberto Garlandini, ICOM President

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The G20 Culture Ministerial meeting developed and summarised the results of three multi-stakeholders thematic webinars organised by the Italian Presidency in April 2021, in which ICOM took part along with other international organisations. The webinars covered the following three topics:

  • Protection of cultural heritage and illicit trafficking: The Future will give us back our Past
  • Addressing the Climate crisis through culture: Preserving Cultural Heritage, Supporting the Green Transition
  • Building capacity through training and education: Human Capital, The driver of Culture-led Regeneration

You can rewatch the three webinars on the YouTube channel of the Italian Ministry of Culture