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May 18, 2019

International Museum Day 2019: President’s Message

Happy International Museum Day!

Today, like every 18th of May since 1977, the global museum community is coming together to celebrate International Museum Day. All around the world, thousands of activities and events are being organised to celebrate museums as incomparable places of knowledge, inspiration and creativity.

This year, the topic proposed by ICOM is “Museums as Cultural Hubs: The Future of Tradition”. The topic is in itself a statement on the important role museums have come to play in the future of our societies. They give meaning to our past, and they make it meaningful today – a solid path upon which we can build our future. As a result, while preserving their core missions, such as collecting and exhibiting, museums have come to realise that they can be agents of social change. Today, they are more aware of this than ever before.

However, this celebration is not only about museums – it is also about their communities. The museum enthusiasts, the occasional visitors, and everybody in between – even those who have never set a foot in a museum before. It is about strengthening the bonds that tie them together and establishing new ones. It is a celebration of our collective memory, our histories and our traditions. An occasion to learn about the fascinating diversity that unites us in our differences.

On this 18th of May, on behalf of the global network of the International Council of Museums, we invite everybody to join this celebration. Whoever you are, wherever you come from: museums are open for you, today and always.


Suay Aksoy

ICOM President