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January 21, 2021

Network“LGBTQI+ Museums”: New issue of Museum International now online

We are delighted to announce the publication of the latest edition of Museum International on the theme, LGBTQI+ Museums.  

Guest edited by Renaud Chantraine and Bruno Brulon Soares, this edition dives into some of the most transformative and challenging initiatives of LGBTQI+ museums throughout the world. While taking into consideration the latest attempts at formal inclusion in mainstream museums, the focus of the present issue is the current and evolving bloom of community-based LGBTQI+ museums and initiatives, as well as their struggle for autonomy throughout the world.

As the articles presented in this volume show, LGBTQI+ museums conflict directly with the hegemonic dominance of general institutions dependent on nation states, and with the dynamics of a global market that tends to erase differences, or eliminate the bodies that generate friction. Some of the experiences presented here raise social and political challenges and obstructions faced by these autonomous initiatives, while others defy the historical foundations of museums in the contemporary era, suggesting new ways to subvert them.

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