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August 28, 2019

The final version of the ICOM-OECD Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums is now available online and will be presented in Kyoto!

In December 2018, ICOM and OECD joined forces to launch Culture and Local Development: Maximising the Impact – Guide for Local Governments, Communities and Museums, introduced in Venice by ICOM’s Director General Peter Keller and OECD’s Secretary General Angel Gurria.

Following the dissemination of this initial version, this joint instrument was presented on various international conferences and seminars in 2019 (more information on these events here) to support and inspire local government representatives, museums and civil society organisations to find innovative ways and jointly define a local development agenda that promotes a more sustainable future.

After further improvements to the content, ICOM and the OECD have now completed the final version of the Guide, organised around the same five major themes: cultural development and education (1), economic development and innovation (2), urban regeneration and community development (3), inclusion, health and well-being (4) and managing museums for local development (5). The ICOM-OECD guide is only available in English and Spanish for now, but the French, German, Italian, Polish, Japanese and Korean translations are under preparation.

In order to provide museums, cities and regional governments, a quick insight on the main thematic areas the Guide is covering and an understanding of the next steps that will be taken within the framework of  this cooperation, as well as how to get involved in this project, ICOM and the OECD prepared a flyer.

Briefly, cities, regions and countries, as well as museums can:

  • Request to join the full guided self-assessment exercise and receive a personalized report
  • Propose examples of innovative practices to be included in the repository of good practices
  • Invite the OECD and ICOM to present key findings at conferences and workshops
  • Support the translation of the Guide into country language

Please download the flyer for more information and to discover how you can contribute to this initiative: Hyperlink to the flyer.

Download the Guide (English version)

The ICOM-OECD collaboration will be further strengthened during ICOM’s 25th General Conference in Kyoto, through the ICOM-OECD panel session on Local Development and Museums that will take place on 7 September 2019. This session will bring together Peter Keller, ICOM Director General; Lamia Kamal-Chaoui, Director of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities; Daisaku Kadokawa, Mayor of Kyoto and Luis Repetto, ICOM Peru Vice-Chair. The final version of the Guide will be presented for the first time by ICOM and the OECD at this session.

The flyer is also available in below listed languages. If you are interested in having the flyer in other languages, please contact Afsin Altayli, Museums and Society Coordinator, ICOM Secretariat at

Flyer (French version)

Flyer (Spanish version)

Flyer (Japanese version)