Executive Council Election Candidates 2016 - 2019

Executive Council Election 2016 - 2019

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ICOM's Statutes

ICOM's Statutes are an essential document for the organisation. ICOM's rules clarify and complete these Statutes.
The Statutes are the foundations of the organisation and its functioning. They specify the objectives, the mission and the organisation of the structure. Read more

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Executive Board

The Executive Board* is the executive decision making body of ICOM.

The Executive Board is the elected head of the organisation vested with the responsibility of implementing the strategies identified by the General Assembly and shall take necessary actions to implement the General Assembly’s decisions.

The Executive Board shall ensure the good management of ICOM, and shall oversee ICOM’s various resources (financial, human, intellectual and technical) and the development thereof. It shall undertake to protect ICOM’s reputation, international esteem and public regard and shall provide direction to the Secretariat.

It shall recommend the amount for the membership fees that shall be subject to the approval of the General Assembly.

* previously known as Executive Council

The name 'Executive board' was changed with the adoption of the New Statutes by the Extraordinary General Assembly of ICOM in Milan (Italy), held on 9th July 2016.

President: Suay Aksoy, TURKEY

About Suay Aksoy 

Vice-president: Laishun An CHINA

About Laishun An 

Vice-president: Alberto Garlandini, ITALY

About Alberto Garlandini 

Treasurer: Emma Nardi, ITALY

About Emma Nardi 

Member: Hilda Abreu de Utermohlen, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

About Hilda Abreu de Utermohlen 

Member: Vinod Daniel, AUSTRALIA

About Vinod Daniel 

Member: Inkyung Chang, REPUBLIC OF KOREA

About Inkyung Chang 

Member: Carlos Roberto Ferreira Brandão, BRAZIL

About Carlos Roberto Ferreira Brandão 

Member: Carina Jaatinen, FINLAND

About Carina Jaatinen 

Member: Maria de Lourdes Monges Santos, MEXICO

About Maria de Lourdes Monges Santos 

Member: Terry Simioti Nyambe, ZAMBIA

About Terry Simioti Nyambe 

Member: Léontine Meijer-Van Mensch, GERMANY

About Léontine Meijer-Van Mensch 

Member: Diana Pardue, USA

About Diana Pardue 

Member: Carol Scott, UK

About Carol Scott 

Ex-officio: Regine Schulz (Germany)

Chairperson of the Advisory Council

About Regine Schulz 

Peter Keller

NB: The Executive Board, during its 134th session on December, 2016, approved unanimously the appointment of Peter Keller as Director General and appointed Emma Nardi as ICOM Treasurer, in accordance with the ICOM Statutes and Internal Rules and Regulations.





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