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February 26, 2021

NetworkThe 2021 Solidarity Projects of ICOM have been selected

ICOM had launched in October 2020 a call to its committees to receive project proposals related to the challenges raised by the current pandemic and museums’ resilience following the COVID-19 crisis.

ICOM’s Strategic Allocation Review Committee (SAREC) presented a call for projects on 12 October 2020 with a view to supporting the network and museum professionals worldwide in the adaptation to the new health-related measures that are affecting our sector, looking beyond the ongoing crisis and exploring promising new models for museum practice in the aftermath of the COVID-19 situation. The call was addressed to National and International Committees, Regional Alliances and Affiliated Organisations and sought to favour projects bringing together numerous committees in order to foster cooperation.

In total, SAREC received 17 proposals by the closing date. After a careful and thorough examination, the following 8 projects have been selected for ICOM funding:

  1. Ethical Collecting during the Pandemic: a shared space for museum professionals (head of project: COMCOL)
  2. Clothing the Pandemic: Resiliency, Community & Unity Expressed through an International Collaboration of the COVID-19 Facemask Project (head of project: ICOM Costume)
  3. Los ruidos que somos: patrimonios sonoros de los Andes (head of project: ICOM Ecuador)
  4. “Solidarités, musées : de quoi parle-t-on ? ” – Cycle de 10 séances sur plateforme numérique (head of project: ICOM France)
  5. Museo para llevar (head of project: ICOM Costa Rica)
  6. HELP/Heritage education new web formats and free licenses opportunities for dissemination, co-creation and open data (head of project: ICOM Italy)
  7. INTERCOM Global Museum Leadership Study and Knowledge Platform (head of project: ICOM INTERCOM)
  8. Museum Tendencies and Perspectives: Focus on Lithuania and Latvia (head of project: ICOM Latvia)


A second call for Solidarity Projects will be launched in March-April 2021.