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February 21, 2019

FocusVideos: Taking Action on Climate Change

Taking Action on Climate Change is a video series that address ways in which museum staff and museum visitors can engage in climate change action.

This five-part video series, created by the Alberta Museums Association in partnership with the Coalition of Museums for Climate Justice and Shadow Light Productions Ltd, demonstrates how museums continue to facilitate and lead conversations around issues that are important to their communities as well as finding innovative and inclusive solutions that impact their future. Containing practical examples of how individuals can take proactive action to address climate change, the five videos have been designed to be integrated into museum exhibition spaces and online platforms as a free educational tool. They are are hopeful and engaging, and demonstrate not only what museums are doing to mitigate their carbon footprints but also how individuals and other institutions can, by making sustainable choices, bring on about real change to address this global problem. Feel free to share the videos with your community!