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Strategic Plan

ICOM Strategic Plan





ICOM’s Strategic Objectives 2016 – 2022

...in a nutshell


#1 | Enhancing membership value through improved participation, service, communications, and capacity building

#2 | Enhancing ICOM’s international profile

#3 | Raising the visibility of ICOM

#4 | Enhancing ICOM’s international role

#5 | Auditing ICOM’s needs in terms of staff and resources

The Strategic Planning Committee started its work on the Strategic Plan of ICOM for the next six years from 2016–2022 under the leadership of Michael Ryan in 2013. After first discussions at the triennial ICOM General Conference in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the Committee started its work in dialogue with the National and International Committees, the Regional Alliances and Affiliated Organisations of ICOM, as well as the Strategic Allocation Review Commission, the Working Group on Governance and with the support of the Secretariat.

By means of an online survey, published in the three official ICOM languages, English, French and Spanish dialogue partners were able to comment and submit suggestions anonymously. The outcomes of this survey were made available online and constitute the base of this Strategic Plan.

In 2015 the decision was made to postpone the presentation of the plan to 2016 to give the Committee the chance to check if the strategic objectives are in accordance with the updated Statutes. The discussions and close cooperation between the Strategic Planning Committee and the Working Group on Governance have positively influenced the results of both groups.

The objectives of the new ICOM Strategic Plan intend to meet the needs of the members, to advance the work and value of museums, to strengthen ICOM’s role as an international key player in the museum world, to raise ICOM’s visibility and to audit ICOM’s needs in terms of staff and resources.

The new Strategic Plan will give guidance for governance and members, and will enable ICOM to strengthen its role as a strong protector of the natural and cultural heritage of the world. After its approval at the triennial ICOM General Conference in July 2016 in Milan, Italy, the Plan and its objectives will be evaluated regularly by the Strategic Plan Committee (SPC), and recommendations for necessary updates will be discussed and approved by the Executive Board.


Previous Strategic Plan (2011-2013)

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