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November 19, 2021

Dubai to host the 27th General Conference of ICOM in 2025


November 17, 2021

#ICOM75 x ICOM Voices: Timeless voices from ICOM’s past

November 16, 2021

Join us to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of ICOM


November 9, 2021

Heritage institutions tackling climate change: on museums and COP26


November 2, 2021

NEW DATES — ICOM MOOC: Creating Meaningful and Inclusive Museum Practices


October 29, 2021

How to hook your audience’s attention

ICOM Voices

October 15, 2021

Benfica Museum – Cosme Damião: Growth and New Opportunities in the Midst of a Pandemic

ICOM Voices

October 14, 2021

New ICOM Red List to focus on objects from Southeast Europe


September 29, 2021

UNESCO-ICOM Workshop: Fighting Illicit Trafficking of Cultural Property


September 27, 2021

Transatlantic Museum Conversations: Before, During and After Pandemic Times

ICOM Voices

September 22, 2021

Call for Papers – Museum International: Open Edition


September 21, 2021

Wikimedia x ICOM | Help protect Afghanistan’s cultural heritage from your laptop!


September 10, 2021

ICOM Webinar | Museums, Sustainable Cities and Communities


September 6, 2021

Collection Storage: A Window Into the Richness of Cultural Heritage. A Conversation with Gaël de Guichen

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September 3, 2021

Prague International Symposium 2021: a successful hybrid pre-Conference paves the way to ICOM Prague 2022

ICOM Prague 2022

September 1, 2021

Executive Board 2022-2025 : the call for candidacies is open!


August 31, 2021

In Memoriam – Dr. Inga Karaia, Chair of ICOM Georgia


August 26, 2021

ICOM Prague International Symposium 2021: register and participate online

ICOM Prague 2022

August 17, 2021

Statement concerning the situation facing cultural heritage in Afghanistan


August 2, 2021

The G20 recognises the role of museums and ICOM in addressing the climate crisis


  • Red Lists

    The Red Lists classify the endangered categories of archaeological objects or works of art in the most vulnerable areas of the world, in order to prevent them being sold or illegally exported.

  • Publications

    Through its network, ICOM publishes or takes part in the publication of major books for the international museum community every year.