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March 1, 2022

2022-25 Elections: The brochure of the candidates is now available


February 25, 2022

On the way to a new museum definition: We are doing it together!


February 24, 2022

Statement concerning the Russian invasion into Ukraine


February 22, 2022

International Journal of Intangible Heritage: The Status of Women Weavers as Heritage Bearers in Peru

ICOM Voices

February 21, 2022

Museums for the International Decade of Indigenous Languages


February 16, 2022

Launch of ICOM’s Online Library


February 14, 2022

The registrations for ICOM Prague 2022 are open

ICOM Prague 2022

February 7, 2022

Getty Foundation : Grants for emerging and mid-career ICOM Members to attend ICOM Prague 2022


February 2, 2022

ICOM Webinar I Perspectives and Practice on Museums and Education for Sustainable Development in Asia-Pacific


February 1, 2022

Updated: Tune into the new ICOM Voices Podcast

ICOM Voices

January 31, 2022

ICOM and ALIPH sign Memorandum of Understanding at the Louvre


January 31, 2022

ICOM Voices x IMD2022 | Call for articles: ‘The Power of Museums’

ICOM Voices

January 26, 2022

Diversity and Inclusion: Envisaging the Future of Museums on the Expedicion Bogotanica

ICOM Voices

January 25, 2022

International Museum Day 2022: The Power of Museums

International Museum Day

January 7, 2022

Fostering Remote Inclusion at the National Gallery of Bosnia and Herzegovina During and After the Pandemic

ICOM Voices

December 28, 2021

Our top stories of 2021


December 15, 2021

How It Started, How It’s Going: Building & Sustaining A Virtual Team

ICOM Voices

December 9, 2021

ICOM Webinar I Indigenizing Museum Practices


December 7, 2021

My internship experience at ICOM Secretariat Office in Paris – Minamo Akiyama


December 2, 2021

#ICOM75 x ICOM Voices: Museum collection storage

  • Red Lists

    The Red Lists classify the endangered categories of archaeological objects or works of art in the most vulnerable areas of the world, in order to prevent them being sold or illegally exported.

  • Publications

    Through its network, ICOM publishes or takes part in the publication of major books for the international museum community every year.